October 10, 2023

Nancy Rust, one of our League Administrators and Founders, has decided to retire as a League Admin.  It’s a very rewarding position that requires a lot of time and dedication.

Nancy is the mastermind behind the formats of our ladder leagues and tournaments. She also created the much loved “THE BIG FLEX,” and has been a strong advocate in maintaining the “small town, neighborhood feeling” that is at the heart of our league culture.  We are grateful for everything Nancy gave to our pickleball community over the past year! The DREAM TEAM won’t be the same without her.  We will miss the frequent collaboration and laughs on our Admin Signal group.

The good news is…  Nancy, now Founder Emeritus, will have more time for her family, her dog Pickles, writing, and playing pickleball.  She will always be part of Westside Pickleball League.  She will come out of retirement to run our summer 2024 tournament (we have that on record!) and of course we will see her on the courts.

MORE good news…  Nancy is passing the “Chief Sealth league coordinator” torch!  Nicole Nedervelt will manage weekly results and court assignments at Chief Sealth High School (CSHS) starting October 15th.  We are very excited to have Nicole onboard.    

A big thank you to Nancy and warm welcome to Nicole!

Amy, Nancy, and Rosina at Rally on the Rock Fall Edition, October 2023

What's New

Astria Rally on the Rock

May 29, 2023 ~ Count down is on. Raffle and prizes from our sponsor Astria Pickleball. Twelve days until the inaugural tournament at SWAC!

SWAC Courts Opened

May 18, 2023 ~ Six pickleball courts painted, and six more marked for taping. SWAC courts are officially open to pickleball players!!! Bring a net and 3 friends and check out the newest courts in West Seattle.

Save the Date

April 15, 2023 ~ Kicked off tournament planning to celebrate the new pickleball courts at Nino Cantu Southwest Athletic Complex (SWAC). June 10th (Saturday) is the tentative date for the inaugural pickleball tournament at SWAC.

12 Pickleball Courts Approved

April 11, 2023 ~ Seattle Public Schools approved pickleball courts to be painted at the SWAC tennis courts in West Seattle. The League has paid for the deposit. After the courts are cleaned, we wait for temperature to reach 60F. We will paint 6 pickleball courts and 6 more "marked for taping" on the 6 tennis courts. Your support through the League made this possible!

4 Douglas Nets Ordered

March 31, 2023 ~ We need lighted courts with nets in West Seattle this summer! The League ordered 4 Douglas Nets and expecting delivery by end of June. The new nets will be placed at Alki or Solstice.

Supporting Classrooms

March 29, 2023 ~ Highland Park Elementary School needs funding to hire a teacher and a youth service assistant. We donated $1,000 to help a West Seattle local school.

Solstice Park

March 23, 2023 ~ Seattle Parks and Recreation (SPR) has plans to resurface Solstice Park and paint 6 pickleball courts on 3 tennis courts. Lighting was upgraded to LED lights. No dates provided for the pickleball courts. SPR ordered 12 nets in March and no information has been provided for net placements at this time.

Squeegees at SWAC

March 8, 2023 ~ We donated 3 squeegees to the Chief Sealth High School tennis teams. Now they can practice outdoor when the courts are just a little wet at Southwest Athletic Complex (SWAC).

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