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Westside Pickleball League

There are limited pickleball play opportunities during the winter months in the West Seattle area.  We lack indoor venues especially in evenings and weekends which has become a barrier to play for most players.

Westside Pickleball League, sponsored by Seattle Metro Pickleball Association (SMPA), will run ladder leagues at indoor gyms in the winter, and outdoor tournaments at SWAC.  We will play lots of pickleball, have FUN, and give back to our community.

The league will be an ongoing fundraiser for Chief Sealth High School, more courts, more equipment, and more play in the West Seattle area.

SMPA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.


Seattle Metro Pickleball Association, acting as fiscal sponsor, formally established a West Seattle fund to provide financial support for Westside Pickleball League for the purpose of adding pickleball courts, league play, and tournament play opportunities in West Seattle and nearby areas. 

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Seattle Metro Pickleball Association (SMPA) is your voice in speaking up to the city or county parks departments to ask for pickleball facilities, more court time indoors, and work to develop dedicated pickleball facilities. SMPA is why Green Lake pickleball courts exist for the 50+ players there each Saturday and Sunday. SMPA is why there are semipermanent pickleball nets popping up at lined tennis courts. An SMPA founder was key to the city of Shoreline creating the lined courts at Shoreview. When we speak, the cities listen.



Rosina, Amy, and Nancy ~ Westside Pickleball League Founders


You don’t need a partner.  Friendly competitive play with similar skill level players and everyone is scored individually. 


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