Ladder League

What is a Ladder League?

  • Each person is assigned to a ladder, based on skill level. 
  • Each week you will play with a foursome from your ladder.  You will play 3 games, one with each person in your foursome. 
  • You are scored as an individual and your scores will be entered into the system within 48 hours.
  • You will move up and down the rungs of your ladder based on your scores each week and this will ensure that you are playing with others of a similar skill level.

When You Arrive

  • Check-in by putting a check mark to the left of your name.
    • If you are a sub, please write in your name next to the player’s name.
  • Note your Court Number and Group (foursome) Number.
  • There will be 2 foursomes assigned to each court. 
  • Foursome 1 begins warming up (5 minutes) after announcements.
  • Play will begin after the whistle.

Game Time

  • Foursome 1 plays first game to 15, win by 1, and switch sides at 8.
  • Rock, paper, scissors or roll die (choose odd or even). Winner to select serve or side to start the game.
  • Ref your own games. We do our best to follow USA Pickleball Official Rulebook.
    • Receiving side makes line calls.
    • If ball hits walls or anything hanging from ceiling, the ball is out.
    • If there is a dispute with a call, replay the point.
  • Switch sides at 8. Do not climb over nets. Be careful not to interrupt nearby courts when their ball is in play.
  • If your ball goes into another court, always yell “Ball!” immediately so players can stop play and avoid injury.
  • Circle your scores on the scoresheet and have one of your opponents sign off to confirm the score.
  • Foursome 2 warms up (5 minutes) then start their first game
  • Repeat for 3 games total, one with each partner
  • Warm up before the first games only for all players

Before You Leave

  • After the ENTIRE scoresheet is completed, please place clipboard with scoresheet on the CENTER Admin table in the main gym.
  • Tip: Take a photo of your completed scoresheet for your records and reference.
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