Substitute Process

Substitute Process

    • SUBS cannot elevate a PLAYER’s ranking in the ladder

    • If a SUB does not show up, PLAYER will get 0 points for the day.

Before each session begins, all registered players will receive a confirmation email with a link to the substitute player list. It is the registered players’ responsibilities to find a substitute if they are unable to play for any reason.

If a substitute is not provided, it will impact the other 3 players in your foursome. See “Penalty” below.


    • Sub must be same level as you. 

    • For men’s and women’s doubles ladders, the substitute must identify as the same gender as the registered player. 

    • A sub cannot elevate a player’s ranking in the previous week, but they can lower your ranking.
        • If a player’s ranking was 4th place, the sub can win all 3 games but the scores recorded will keep the player’s ranking at 4th place.

        • Otherwise actual scores will be recorded, therefore can lower a player’s ranking.

 STEP ONE: Secure A Sub

Option 1:  WPL Sub List

This is the substitute list for both CSHS, Tukwila & SEATAC Leagues through June 2024.  Please make sure the sub is not already a registered player for your location before contacting them. 

    • Only registered players have been granted access to the list.

    • All players on the Sub List are registered with the league and has signed the waiver.

    • Please bookmark this list on your phone or computer so you can easily access it throughout the session. 

If you are securing a new substitute that is NOT on our league Sub List (which is totally fine!), please make sure:

    • SUB is of comparable skill level as you

STEP TWO: Ensure Sub Attends

PLAYER is responsible for reminding their SUB to attend.
Suggestion: Text 2 reminders to your SUB (1 week before, AND 1 day before game day).


If no one shows up to play for you, regardless of where the fault lies, your score for the day will be recorded as 0. No Show Policy will be strictly enforced


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