Frequently asked questions

How many ladders and how are they assigned?

The number of players for each ladder will vary based on gym capacity. Typically we haves 88 players in 5-6 ladders at CSHS, 32 players in 2 ladders at SEATAC, and 24 players in 2 ladders at Tukwila. Players are assigned based on level and ladder preference whenever possible. Depending on number of players in a session, players are assigned to a foursome or a fivesome. The All Gender Ladders are not evenly split between genders. That means you may have 3 women or 3 men in a game in any given week.

What is the format?
Foursomes  play 3 games to 15 (win by 1) with each person in the group.  Two foursomes share a court playing alternating games.

Fivesomes play 4 games to 11 (win by 1) with each person in the group with a bye for one game.

How are the foursomes or fivesomes assigned?
We use Global Pickleball Network (GPN) to manage the ladder league. Foursomes are generated by the site randomly for the first week, and based on ranking for the rest of the session.
How do we keep scores?

Each foursome has a score sheet for the day.  We track scores only, not win/loss records. After every game, circle the score for you and your partner on the score sheet.  One of the opponents for each game initials  on the last column after verifying the score.  

E.g. You and your partner win game 1 with final score 15-14. You circle 15 for Game 1, and ask one of the opponents in the game to initial after verifying your score.

Do I need an ID on Global Pickleball Network?
No need to create an ID on Global Pickleball Network (GPN).  GPN always prompts for login, but it is optional.  Click on “x” in top right of the pop up to close the login screen.
Does the league play all year long?

No. We take the summer off (June – September).

Do you have drop in play?

We don’t organize drop in play. Drop in play can be found in West Seattle at Delridge (beginner/intermediate) outdoor courts, and Walt Huntley (intermediate/advanced) outdoor courts

I’m a beginner. How do I get into pickleball and join the league?

Check out New Player Resources for some excellent videos.   

The beginner level for our league is  EXPERIENCED BEGINNER: 
You have had lessons (or an opportunity to learn all the ins and outs of the game) and have been playing for at least 2-3 months. You know the rules, understand basic strategy and are able to maintain a short rally. Pickleball basics & rules are best learned through lessons or a clinic prior to league play.

To speed up your learning, we highly recommend that you meet with an instructor to learn more about the basics. We often refer beginners to Marc Vargas or Drew Carlstadt.  You can contact them on our Discord server. 

How will the league use the funds collected?
Most of the fees will be used for the gym rental and equipment. We purchased 12 SwiftNets, court tapes, balls, and supplies. Gym rental includes mandatory custodial fees. We did not pay for heating/cooling in the gym. Donations will be made to Chief Sealth High School athletics program. Remaining funds will be donated to the SMPA West Seattle Fund. The funds will be used for future pickleball expenses such as nets and painting pickleball lines on tennis courts in West Seattle and nearby area only.
What can I do to get in the next session before it is sold out?

Join the CSHS Crew to  guarantee a spot with the pre-registration privilege!

I was on the waitlist. Now what?
If registered players cancel, waitlist players will be notified in the order of registration based on skill level/ladder availability.  For those who did not clear the waitlist, you will be notified and invited to join our Substitute List.
I can’t play on Sundays. Will there be other sessions?
We have ladder leagues on weekdays at SeaTac Community Center and Tukwila Community Center. Check the registration page for details.  
When will registration open for the next sessions?
Check the registration page.  Regisration details for all locations are updated when available. We will also post on the league Facebook page.
How do I find a substitute?
You can look for a sub on Discord, the SUB List, or ask a friend.  It is the registered players’ responsibility to find a substitute if they cannot play on a league day.  No show will impact the foursome you are assigned for that day.  Follow the Substitute Process.  No show policy will be strictly enforced.
Do substitute players have to pay to play?
No, substitute players do not pay the league. League fees are paid by the registered players. Feel free to make arrangements with the registered players directly.
I’m on the Sub List. How do I change my availability to sub at a location? Or change my skill level?

Search your email for “PlayPass Substitute.”

  • Click on “View My Registration” and then “Update.” 
  • Make your changes, and click “Save.” 

A League Administrator will update the published Sub List twice a week.

Where do I go on league day?

Respective gym location at Chief Sealth High School, SeaTac Community Center, or Tukwila Community Center based on your registered league session.

What do I need to bring?
Paddle and water bottle. Dress in layers to stay warm between games in the winter. The league will provide portable nets and indoor balls. No food, no alcohol, and no pets please.
What court and who is in my foursome?
You can determine your foursome by checking  Ladder Results 2 days before league day.  Every four players is a foursome based on the latest ranking.

The court assignments are posted at the check-in desk. Upon arrival, check in with the league admin and look up court assignments.  

CSHS:  Warm up begins after ALL set up is completed.  You can jump in to help with net set up or taping to speed up the process!  

Do we all play at the same time?
Two foursomes share one court and alternate games. Half the players are on the courts at any given point. Socialize between games and have fun!
Was the ball out?
Standard rules apply. Receiving side makes the call. If you and your partner are not sure, call it in. If all else fails, replay the point.
What should we do if a run away ball from another court enters our court?
Yell “BALL!!!” loudly and stop play immediately to avoid injury. Replay the point.
What happens if I don’t show up?
No show will impact the other 3 players in your foursome. The player will get 0 point for the 3 missed games, even if we find someone to play on their behalf. See No Show Policy for details.
What happens if a player is injured?
If a player cannot continue to play for the day, a league admin or volunteer can jump in to backfill. If a player cannot continue for the rest of the session, it’s the player’s responsibility to find a substitute.
Where do I find my ladder, weekly results, and foursome assignment?
Ladder Results will be available no later than 2 days before league day.  Click on your ladder name for all results and stats on Global Pickleball Network (GPN).  
Note:  Global Pickleball Network always prompts for login, but it is optional.  Click on “x” in top right of the pop up to close the login screen.
I think my score was entered into GPN incorrectly. What do I do?

Let your coordinator know right away. Updates must be made no later than 24 hours before next league game day.

What is a Big Flex?
A player who wins all the games on a League Day!
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