CSHS Results: JAN-FEB ’23

CSHS January ’23 Session

Thanks so much for playing with us!  This session is now complete.  

Here are the FAB 4 from each ladder!

Easy Street

Guillermo Dominguez
David Yamada
Luke Abare
Jason Rust

Alki Lighthouse
Elise Hooper
Marisa Kuga
Jane Dale
Jen Cogger

Husky Deli

Nicole Nedervelt
Ricky Buchanan
Jenna Enright
Pedro Hernandez

Lincoln Park

Alex Tran
Kasia Bettman
John Marino
Joe Heidt

Congratulations, all! 

For full standings, click on your ladder name to view results on the Global Pickleball Network. You can use GPN without an ID. The site prompts for login, but it is optional. 


from our final day of league play (2/12)

Jen Mandel
Brandon Geary
Jen Cogger
Josephine Wong
Brian McFaul
Nancy Rust
Curtis Williams
Albert Garrett
Ricky Buchanan
Carol Sorbie-Backus
Kait Rohlfing

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