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Where is the Tournament?

SWAC Tennis Courts in West Seattle

2901 SW Thistle Street

Seattle, WA 98126


Where Should I Park?

There is parking available on the east side of the Southwest Pool. There is also plenty of street parking. 


Where are the Restrooms?

Restrooms are located inside the Southwest Pool from 9:30am until 230pm.  There are also water fountains and a vending machine. There are additional restrooms on the east side of the Southwest Pool building, in the parking lot near the stadium, which will be open all day.  


Players are advised to use the restrooms prior to the start of the preliminary rounds as there won’t necessarily be time for bathroom breaks between games during the round robin portion of the tournament.


Will there be Water or Food Available?

We will have light snacks for all players and there will be water accessible for refilling your water bottles in the PLAYER / VOLUNTEER TENT. There will also be a concession stand and a food truck options for additional food.  


Where can I put my stuff?  

Do not place bags or other personal items on the court. Personal belongings should be placed outside the courts, under the volunteer canopy or within personal view / with folks that you trust to keep an eye on them.


Where can I find a first aid kit?

If a player or volunteer needs a first aid kit, there is one located in the OPERATIONS TENT. There are also bandaids and Neosporin in the PLAYER / VOLUNTEER TENT.


What is the schedule?

Men’s Doubles 8:30am-11:30am

Mixed Doubles 11:30am-2:30pm

Women’s Doubles 2:30pm-5:30p



When Should I Show Up?  

You need to check in AT LEAST 30 minutes before your event.

  • 8:00am for Men’s Doubles
  • 11:00am for Mixed Doubles
  • 2:00pm for Women’s Doubles

You may use any free court to warm up. 


Where do I Check in?

At the CHECK-IN TENT near Thistle Street.


Where do I Go Before My Division Starts?

Information and instructions for your division will be given FIFTEEN MINUTES PRIOR to the start of game play.  You are expected to be at the OPERATIONS TENT for instructions.

  • 8:15am for Men’s Doubles
  • 11:15am for Mixed Doubles
  • 2:15pm for Women’s Doubles

If you or your teammate are not present when the whistle blows to start the games, you will forfeit your first game.


What Should I Wear?

Whatever is comfortable for playing pickleball!  Avoid wearing clothing that closely matches the ball color (neon yellow) or server wristbands (red). You will be asked to change.   


What Should I Bring?

Everything you’d normally bring for a long session of pickleball.  

  • Paddle(s)
  • Shoes
  • Extra socks
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Water and snacks to keep you energized
  • Canopy
  • Camp chairs
  • CHARGED cell phone (we do not have access to power during the tournament)

Will the Games have a Referee? 

Most of them will not have a referee. We hope to secure at least one volunteer referee for some of our semi-finals and finals matches but we can’t guarantee it.


What kind of ball are we using?

Ball: Franklin X-40 Outdoor Performance Pickleball

Color: Optic Yellow


What’s the format for the games?

  • Identify your Starting Server – they will wear the RED wristband throughout all games.
  • You will have two minutes to warm up at the start of each round.  Rock / Paper / Scissors.  The winner chooses to serve, receive or pick the side.  If you choose a certain side, the other team serves first.
  • Please begin your games PROMPTLY at the whistle.    
  • Games during the round robin preliminaries are to 11, win by 2
  • You will ref your own games. As is customary, line calls are made by the receiving side.  If there is a disagreement about a line call, the other team receives the benefit of the doubt.  Line calls may NOT be made by outside observers.  
  • If a ball from another court interferes with your point, call “ball on” immediately and replay the point.
  • If a server calls the wrong score, you have two choices: do not return the serve, ask for a correction or clarification on the score and resume playing. OR complete the point and then ask for a clarification. You MAY NOT interrupt a point once it is in progress if the serve has been returned.
  • During the round robin games, each team may call one 1-minute time out.  Place your paddles on the court corresponding to your positions before stepping away to get water or take a breather. 
  • Your team will play a total of five preliminary games (round robin) with the other teams in your bracket.  The top four teams from each bracket will move on to the SEMIFINALS & MEDAL SHOOT OUT ROUNDS.  Top teams are determined by the total number of points earned. If your team wins a game, you will receive 2 additional bonus points for the win.
  • When your game is complete, please exit the courts and record your scores at the Score Table at the Operations Tent. If you did not win your game, please circle the W for the team that did.
  • Semifinals (1st place vs 4th place, 2nd place vs. 3rd) and Finals games are to 15, win by 2.
Is there Anything Else I Need to Know?
Brackets may be combined if some of the brackets don’t have enough teams. Penalties for unsportsmanlike conduct and inappropriate behavior will be enforced (profanity, aggressive behavior, etc.) HAVE FUN!!! We’re so glad you’re playing with us in the Astria WPL tournament, FALL EDITION!
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